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Instructions to Register for Infinitec

Infinitec Link

Instructions to Register


  1. Follow this link to access Infinitec. On this screen you will have an option to login (on LEFT) or to “Register” (on RIGHT). Click the dark navy “Register” bar.
  2. Follow the instructions to “Register for an account.” Please use your Tri County email or your District email.
  3. Select your appropriate occupations, employer state (Kansas), and Employer. For your employer, PLEASE select Tri County Special Education Interlocal #607. You may need to select “Display additional results…” several times and scroll to find this.
  4. Finish the remaining steps required to register. Click the teal green “Register Account” bar. 

If you need assistance resetting your Tri County email password, please contact Jason DeLong ( or Beau Schuler (

If you need assistance with your Infinitec account, please contact Infinitec Technical Support: 1-800-361-0270 Technical Support: 1-800-361-0270 |